The Value of Seeing the Good In Everything

How can you be a more positive person?

Being a positive person doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, it is sometimes very difficult to do… but it is completely worth it! Here are some quick tips that can help to eliminate negativity and highlight positive thinking.


1… Stop talking badly about people

Talking badly about people is very negative. Even though they may never hear it, you will still be affected by it. It fills you with bad vibes and causes you to adopt a more ‘jaded’ view of people around you.

2… Don’t be judgmental

Everyone is different, but that does not mean that you are better or worse than someone else. Judging people for being different from you in a negative light is very bad for your overall state of well-being. We should try to accept those around us and strive to treat them as well as we can.

3… Smile often

It is often forgotten that a smile can make a huge difference. It can brighten someone’s day, cheer them up, encourage them, and uplift them… but it also does wonders for the person wearing it. Smiling conveys positivity, peacefulness, and the fact that you value the person whom you are smiling at.

At the end of the day, being positive is a choice… but it is a healthy choice that might be even better for you than it is for anyone else!


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White Plains Bridge Work Update

The northbound side of the Bronx River Parkway will be closed in sections of Yonkers and White Plains starting next week.

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Motorists are advised that the ongoing bridge work will close the northbound Bronx River Parkway between Tuesday, Aug. 26, through Thursday, Aug. 28, from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. from the Sprain Brook Parkway in Yonkers to the Westchester County Center (Exit 22) in White Plains.

  • All northbound Bronx River Parkway traffic in Yonkers  will be detoured onto the Sprain Brook Parkway, then to Central Park Avenue (NY 100) to White Plains.
  • Local traffic will have access to the northbound Bronx River Parkway at the following locations (between the Sprain Brook Parkway and Harney Road): Paxton Avenue, Elm Street, Scarsdale Road, Thompson Street and Leewood Drive.
  • Local northbound parkway traffic will be detoured at Harney Road to Scarsdale Avenue and East Parkway and re-entering the northbound parkway at Crane Road.
  • Northbound parkway will be open to traffic at Crane Road and all points north.

full article in this link


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Weekender Blog: Ever get drained and get tired in Social Situations?

It’s important to note that given enough time, many people will start to feel drained by socializing, especially in situations they’re not used to. It’s not a rare condition only a few of us have. However, some people get tired more quickly than others.

Some in-the-moment ways to deal with feeling drained

There are going to be times where you’ll be feeling drained in a social situation, but you need to stick around for a little while longer. This may be because of outside pressure or circumstances, or because being able to hang in there is important to you. Here are some quick ideas:

Have some caffeine

You may be surprised at how well this one can work in the short term. This approach is treating social tiredness the same as regular tiredness. If you’re two hours into an outing and you feel your energy starting to slip, a coke or a coffee may be all you need to put some life back into you. Sometimes when we feel socially drained a lot it may be that we’re just physically tired, and we’re labeling it as, “I’m feeling lethargic and distracted because I’ve had enough of being around people.” If you can do something to pick yourself up physically, your attitude will often follow.

Have something to eat

If you haven’t eaten in a while your energy levels may subtly slip. During some social activities it’s easy for a few food-free hours to go by before you know it. Having a snack may help get you back to normal. However, don’t eat too much or you may begin to go into a food coma and end up worse off than where you started. People who are thrifty or on special diets may have trouble with this point. The thrifty types because they’re more reluctant to spend money on food when they’re out, and people on diets because sometimes it’s hard to find anything but junk (e.g., there are no street vendors selling salads outside the bars at 1am).

Wait to get your second wind

Tiredness comes in waves. If you can wait out your current bout of low energy you’ll often start to feel more awake after twenty minutes or so. It’s all in how you look at it. Rather than feeling drained and concluding, “That’s it. I have to leave”, you can think, “I’m tired now, but I’ll be back to normal soon enough.”

Throw things into another gear to re-engage yourself and get your energy back

When we feel ourselves start to get drained it’s easy to go along with it and continue down that slope. We feel compelled to withdraw and give up. It can help to consciously try to snap yourself out of it and make an effort to get back into the action and wake yourself up. Like if you’re hanging out with some friends at a party and you’re feeling drained, it would be simple to just continue to sit where you are and zone out. Instead, it may help to purposefully throw yourself back into the conversation. If your tiredness is partially due to boredom, try to change the topic to something you care about, or go talk to someone else. If you’ve been sitting too long, get up and move around. Anything to shake yourself out of feeling disengaged and lost in your head.

Working around a tendency to get drained over the long term

Below I’ll share some advice that comes from two different philosophies. The two approaches aren’t mutually exclusive either. The first set of ideas in this section assume that a tendency to get drained in social situations is just part of how some people are made up and can’t be changed all that much. The best you can do is work around it:

Realize it’s okay to get drained by socializing and to want to take it easy by yourself

Even more sociable people have a limit on how much time they can be around others. They like their alone time too. I think people who get easily drained by other’s company can come to feel there’s something wrong with them because they want to go home and read on the internet for a bit after having lunch with their friends. Everyone is like this to some degree. If you can make peace with your tendency to get drained you can feel a lot more comfortable with taking the time for yourself you need, without feeling conflicted or guilty or bitter at society about it.

Realize you tend to get drained and plan and ration out your social commitments ahead of time

You’ll hear this piece of advice all over the place, and it’s a key strategy. If you know certain social situations tire you out then plan ahead to make them short enough, and to schedule yourself some downtime afterward. An afternoon at the beach may be followed by an evening of reading. A busy weekend at the cottage may be fine, as long as it’s followed by a week of solid chilling out on your own. When you’re planning get togethers with people, you could also build in some energy-conserving excuses ahead of time. Like you may agree to come to a party, but tell everyone you have to leave early because you’re visiting your family the next morning. That way you won’t get hassled by your friends wanting you to stick around when you tell them you need to head out.

Give yourself mini-breaks

If you’re in the middle of a longer bout of socializing you can sometimes steal little recovery periods for yourself. For example if you’re up at the cottage for the weekend, you could go for a walk or canoe ride by yourself, or sit on the veranda and read quietly. At a club you may be able to slip out for ten minutes to ‘grab something to eat’. I do think you have to pay some attention to how your breaks come across to others though. Sometimes it just isn’t the right moment to try and take one. For example, if you’re sitting around with your family and talking to your visiting relatives, you don’t want to just grab a book and start ignoring everyone if that’s the kind of thing they would see as rude.

I’m talking about taking breaks as a kind of preventative measure here, to keep yourself from getting too depleted in the first place. They can also help in the shorter term. If you feel yourself getting drained, you can try to give yourself a little breather. Try not to extend your break too long though. It’s like how if you intend to take a power nap, you don’t want to end up falling asleep for two hours.

Tell your friends about your needs and try to get them on board

Some people won’t get the idea of becoming drained by social contact even if you explain it to them. They’ll still take your lack of energy as a personal slight, or insist you can use willpower to make it go away. However, hopefully your friends aren’t like that and once your tell them how you’re wired they’ll be more understanding and accommodating. If you tell them, do it in a calm, confident way, since there’s nothing abnormal about what you’re dealing with. You don’t need to phrase it as if you’re confessing you once killed a man.

Socializing can be draining enough. It can be even more tiring when you feel you have to hide it, for fear of being judged. Getting it all out in the open may take some of its power away.

Decreasing your tendency to get drained over the long term

The points in this section come from a belief that people can eventually become less depleted by social situations. A lot of people probably want to strive towards this. Working around feeling drained definitely has its place, but some people don’t want to only be able to hang around with their friends for an hour or two at a time. They want to be able to spend more time with people before they need to bow out and recover.

Increase your social skills and experience

Everything is more draining and mentally taxing where we’re not as proficient at it, or you haven’t been exposed to it for long enough. It’s not a short-term solution, but the more your practice your social skills and get used to the scenarios that suck away your mental resources, the easier of a time you’ll have with them. Also, as you improve your people skills you’re better able to create fun, rewarding interactions for yourself. You’re not just sitting there on the periphery with nothing to do, or getting overwhelmed by situations you can’t handle. You may even start to get energized by social events that used to leave you feeling tired, bored, and discouraged. Some people may always have a tendency towards getting more drained by socializing than others, but getting more practice in can really take the edge off.

Push yourself to stay in social situations longer

This point is analogous to training to increase your cardio endurance. I’ve found that if you work at staying in social situations past the point where you’d normally want to leave you can gradually increase your tolerance to them. It can be hard going at first, but it may be surprising how over time you can come to enjoy spending a whole day with your friends if you practice resisting that urge to pack it in after a few hours.

Like I said, treat it like exercising and gradually work your way up. If you’re socializing and you feel tired, tell yourself you’ll stay for just another half hour. Maybe make a game of lasting as long as you can. Try to have as a good time as possible when you’re out as well. Don’t just go off into your own little world and run out the clock. You may have more fun than you expected and feel glad you didn’t pack it in early. However, if you push yourself to remain in a situation, but feel groggy and unenthusiastic during the last stretch, don’t worry about it. How one ‘training session’ goes doesn’t matter much in the long run, as long as your tolerance is increasing overall.

Just be around people more often

When you don’t hang around people a lot you can get very accustomed to being alone, and when you do have company it can feel a bit too new and different. It’s a lot sooner until you want to eject and have some private time. If there are more people in your life day to day then your baseline can start to shift. It feels more ‘normal’ to be around others a lot.

One obvious way to be around people more is by actively trying to hang out with your friends more often. Harder to control but more powerful options are living with (non-annoying) roommates, living with your partner, or being in a job where you’re constantly interacting with customers or chatting to your co-workers.

Hang out with people who are more your style

Company that is too dull and low energy is draining, because it’s boring. Hanging around people who are too much for us is also tiring, because it taxes our brain to try and keep up with them. It’s possible you often feel drained while socializing because you’re usually around people who don’t really do it for you. If you were with friends who were a better match for you you may find you suddenly have a lot more energy.



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Preparing for the new season..

Setting Goals - New York Real Estate Experts

As summer ends and fall begins, consider setting a few new goals for yourself. Whether your goal is to paint your bedroom, to expand your business, to get a promotion, or to spend more time with you family, this new season will provide you with an excuse to sit down with your notebook and make a new to-do list.

If you have goals left-over from the summer, try not to be too hard on yourself for not achieving them. Instead, try to look ahead. There is a lot to look forward to at this time of the year. Lots of good times with friends and family are quickly approaching, as is time off of work for most people. This can be a fantastic time to re-energize and to re-focus yourself.


In the end,we need to remember that all of us are on a different journey. This fall, I would encourage you to really look inside of yourself and find out what you would like to do with your time. Time is, after all, our most valuable currency! So let’s be intentional about how we spend it in the season-to-come. Let’s make every day count and prepare to get things accomplished.

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Beautiful, Private and Secure 2BR Condo in the Bronx!

1424 Outlook Ave 1

Property Description

Country Club section of the Bronx. Private gated community over looking the Long Island Sound. Luxury condo with central ac offers 2 spacious bedrooms with large closet space.Extra storage in hallway. Kitchen with granite counter tops and hardwood cabinets. Full access to gym and laundry room.Large living room with dining area and access to beautiful backyard patio.Enjoy the gazebo on the water with family and friends. 1 Parking space included.

Key Details

  • Price$515,000
  • Bedrooms2
  • Bathrooms1
  • Square Footage1022
  • Acreage0
  • Year Built2002
  • MLS Listing ID #4429084
  • Listing StatusActive
  • Listing Provided By: New York Real Estate Experts


  • Street Address1424 Outlook Ave 1
  • CityBronx
  • StateNY
  • ZIP/Postal Code10465
  • CountyBronx County
  • Elementary SchoolCall Listing Agent
  • Middle SchoolCall Listing Agent
  • High SchoolCall Listing Agent
  • School DistrictCall Listing Agent


  • Amenities/Restrictions1st Floor Bedrm, Close to Bus, Close to Park, Close to Railroad, Close to School, Cul-De-Sac, Gated Community, Granite Countertops, Lake/Pond/Stream, Patio, Privacy, Storage, Water Access, Water View, Waterfront
  • SidingStucco
  • Square Footage SourceMunicipality
  • StyleGarden Apartment


  • Included in SaleOven/Range, Refrigerator


  • HOA Fee IncludesCommon Area Costs, Exterior Maintenance, Snow Removal, Trash Collection, Water/Sewer
  • Monthly Association Fee325
  • Property Taxes146209
  • Tax Year2014


  • Total Rooms7


  • ParkingDescriptionAssigned, Private Parking


  • Cooling SystemCentral
  • HeatingHeat Pump Air
  • Heating FuelNatural Gas
  • Sewage TypeSewer
  • Utilities IncludedGas
  • Water heaterGas Stand Alone


  • Has Water Access1
  • Water AmenitiesMunicipal

more info click here

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Email us @

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90 Day Bank Approved Short Sales in Yonkers and Bronx!

90 Day Bank Approved Short Sales in Yonkers and Bronx



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Overcoming Self Doubt

What are you truly capable of?

When it comes to reminding ourselves of what we can achieve, it is important that we don’t short-change what we have already done. In fact, one of the best ways to remember your past achievements is to keep a list of things that you have done that you are proud of. Whenever you chalk up another success, add it to this list.

Next,whenever you feel down or are tempted to doubt yourself, pull out that list and take a good, long look at it. Look at what you have already achieved, and imagine how much moreyou could do if you really set your mind to it. If you determine not to give up, there is literally no limit to what you can accomplish!

Conquering self-doubt and rediscovering your belief in yourself might not be magic-bullets for success, but they are essential if you want to move forward and achieve more than you ever thought possible. Today, don’t settle for doubting yourself.Don’t give up when the going gets rough. Instead, remember all of the amazing things that you have already done, and tell yourself that you are not going to give up until you have achieved everything that you have set your mind to!



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QuickSale Weekend – 315 S. Avenue. This Home Must Sell!

315 S. Avenue Quicksale

call us at 914-920-2299

or visit our Facebook page at


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Just Listed! – Peekskill’s Waterview Estates Beautiful 2BR Condo!

32 Waterview 32

Property Description

This Condo is in Peeksill’s Waterview Estates GEM! Conveniently located near Metro yet still having the serene and quiet ambiance due to surrounding private homes and another condo complex. The beach is just a 10min ride away with the Hudson River and Park just 5mins further! With its ample layout, it has access to a pool and a tennis court! New laminate flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting, tiles, light fixtures, fireplace door and natural stone surround, new glass sliding patio doors (the largest in the complex), condo recently painted!, front and rear personal gardens, storm front door, doorbell, new water heater, personal shed, pull-down attic with tons of storage, all closets have built-ins. Updated Kitchen cabs, counters(back splash & floor). Washer & Dryer in Master Bath(inside a louvered door). All custom shades & lighting are included! Come with 2 deeded park spaces and Visitor parking .

Key Details

  • Price$238,000
  • Bedrooms2
  • Bathrooms2
  • Half-Baths1
  • Square Footage1100
  • Acreage0.09
  • Year Built1987
  • MLS Listing ID #4428203
  • Listing StatusActive
  • Listing Provided By: New York Real Estate Experts


  • Street Address32 Waterview 32
  • CityPeekskill
  • StateNY
  • ZIP/Postal Code10566
  • CountyWestchester County
  • Elementary SchoolPeekskill
    Hillcrest School
    Public School
    12:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
    Hillcrest School Full Report
  • Middle SchoolPeekskill
    Peekskill Middle School
    Public School
    4/5 Quality Rating
    10:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
    Peekskill Middle School Full Report
  • High SchoolPeekskill
    Peekskill High School
    Public School
    4/5 Quality Rating
    15:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
    Peekskill High School Full Report
  • School DistrictPeekskill


  • Amenities/RestrictionsClose to Bus, Close to Park, Close to Railroad, Close to School, Close to Shops, Clubhouse, Community Pool, Deck, In Ground Pool, Powder Room, River, Storage, Tennis, Water Access
  • Builder ModelTownHouse
  • SidingWood
  • Square Footage SourceMunicipality
  • StyleTown House
  • Year Renovated2008


  • Included in SaleDryer, Light Fixtures, Shades/Blinds, Storm Windows, Washer


  • Monthly Association Fee441
  • Property Taxes5300
  • Tax Year2014


  • Total Rooms10


  • ParkingDescriptionAssigned, Other/See Remarks


  • Cooling SystemCentral
  • HeatingHydro Air
  • Heating FuelNatural Gas
  • Sewage TypeMunicipal
  • Water heaterFuel Oil Stand Alone


  • Has Water Access1
  • Water AmenitiesMunicipal

Click here for more information

or call us at 914.920.2299

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Now Accepting BIDS starting at 255k on this Quicksale until August 9, 2014! – 315 S. 4th Ave, Mt. Vernon NY 10550.

Quick Sale 315 S. 4th Avenue


Click Here to go to the bidding page


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