Live For Yourself and For Those Who Matter To You

“Just keep being true to yourself, if you’re passionate about something go for it. Don’t sacrifice anything, just have fun.” - Blake Lewis

If you really think about it, we don’t remain very true to ourselves a lot of the time. Husbands and wives will fight with each other because of things like stress and money, though they will go to work and force a smile onto their face for the boss that they despise. Parents will take out their work frustrations on their families while putting all of their effort into doing well at a job that they don’t even care about.

People also apply for, accept, and get up every day to go to work at jobs that they don’t love. There are a lot of people out there who have dreams, passions, and desires that they would love to pursue—and yet, they feel trapped because of where they are in life.

So why is it so difficult to remain true to ourselves? Why don’t husbands and wives tell their bosses off instead of each other? Why don’t parents quit their jobs when the stress attached to them begins to interfere with life at home? Why do people continue to do things that they don’t enjoy?

If you can find the answer to these types of questions in your own life, then you will probably be closer to the truth than most people. Maybe we are too busy living up to the expectations of others instead of focusing on what we really want. Maybe we have started valuing a paycheck over our loved ones. Maybe we have forgotten that money isn’t everything because we believe that we need to have a certain amount of it in our bank account to be successful.

At the end of the day, maybe we just need to pursue what and who is important to us, while moving the other things further down in our priority-list.


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New York Real Estate Experts Annual Pumpkin Painting Party

NYREEX Pumpkin Painting Party


Our clients have allowed us to expand our business and pushed us to strive for excellence year after year. Our team is one big family and with our clients we are becoming an even bigger family. We look forward to sharing this special time with you and your loved ones.


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Ocwen loan to pay out 2 billion to homeowners for short sale or foreclosure

If you have Ocwen loan or your loan got transferred to Ocwen loan YOU MUST read this and if you’re looking to do a short sale or want to sell or just want to find out more details call us! Please “Like” this  or “share it” this is very important my team and our short sale team have been fighting with them for almost one year to get 5 short sale approved ! We just received 1 approved today after 1 year.


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Manning Up… Taking Control of Your Life.

Taking control of your life is a choice. A lot of people don’t really stop to think about it, but it’s true. Believe it or not, you choose how you live your life. You might choose to do what is going to lead you to success, or you might choose to waste your time letting naysayers and negative people drag you down—but either way, it is you who makes the choice.

Choose today not to let anything stand in your way

I have a challenge for you. Today, look in the mirror and imagine where you want to be tomorrow. Next, think about where you want to be in a week. Where do you want to be in a month, a year, and a decade from now? Where do you want to be when you retire?


If you can think it, then you can achieve it—but you’re never going to make any progress if you don’t choose to stop settling for defeat. Stop allowing things to hinder you! Stop making allowances for negative people and experiences. Stop giving life permission to keep you from moving forward.


Remember,success is a choice. Obtaining your goals is a choice. You can either continue to keep moving, or you can settle and stop. If you keep moving, then there is no limit to how far you can go. But if you stop and give up, then keep in mind that there is also no limit to how much time you can spend sitting in one place.


The choice is yours—so choose to take control.



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Recapture The Power of Productive Habits

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Habits are usually emotional

One thing that we need to realize about habits is that they tend to be emotional. You might not think of it this way, but waiting until the last moment to get up after hitting the snooze button a dozen times and then rushing off to work to be consistently five minutes late might actually be an emotional dependency that you will need to resolve before you can hope to enact the newer habit of getting up early. This is not always the case, but it can be significant—and it is important that you evaluate such possibilities as you go about the process of adopting newer and better habits for yourself.

Habits take time to get used to

It is also important to realize that habits will take time to get used to. Some say that a good habit takes 30 days to form before you will consider it automatic—and there is a lot of truth to this. The problem oftentimes is that a lot of people give up within just a week or two when they start to experience the strain of changing their schedule.

In the end,forming better habits can be a gateway to becoming more successful. Whether you want to exercise more, get up earlier for work, get more sleep, make more time for family, cut down on wasted time, etc., habit are the vehicle by which we make ourselves better and increase our odds of success.

Just always remember that if you can change your habits, you can change your life—because that is often all that it takes.


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Ever Wondered How Long or What the Process is in Getting Pre-approved?

Know what to expect and when, while obtaining financing for a home, the first step in getting Pre-approved with your Lender.


Stage 1: Get Pre-Approved:

What You Need to Do – You will have a discussion with your Lender and be providing  them with Preliminary Documents.

How Long Will It Take? - The discussion will take 10-15 minutes and shortly after your documents are received, you will be issued a loan pre-qualification letter.

What’s Happening Behind The Scenes – Your credit and documents provided will be reviewed to be sure you qualify for the loan. You will then be notified how much you can borrow.


Easy eh? Like us on Facebook to find out more about Loan Processing and Purchasing a Home. You’ll be surprised how easy!


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Turn Good Tenants to Better Tenants!

We already know that the key to a successful tenancy is to first find a good tenant. Haven’t we often secured good tenants only to find they drift to the wayside and gradually become bad tenants? Why is that? There are a combination of reasons that this happens. Let’s explore how to make good tenants even better and how to keep them that way.

Now that you have a good tenant you have already screened, accepted and signed a lease with, you may be tempted to feel like your job is finished for now. The property is rented! Now you can take a vacation, right? Wrong. The job is never over unless you sell your rental property and retire somewhere nice, never to see or speak to another tenant again. Are you going to do that anytime soon? OK, so lets talk about making good tenants even better.


  1. Emphasize the most important lease clauses. If you haven’t already done so when you carefully went over the lease personally and emphasized the important items to your tenant, do it as soon as possible. (I hope you used my LPA Lease – I’m personally biased.) You can even do it with a follow up letter welcoming the tenants to their new home an reminding them of those key elements in your lease that are most important to you. Some landlords even send the tenant a spare copy of the lease with certain clauses highlighted. 
  2. Tell the tenants that you report to “National Tenant and Credit Reporting Bureaus”. The reason I phrased it like that is because I don’t want you to feel like you may be telling a lie. Reporting to a “National Tenant and and Credit Bureau” could mean the LPA’s “National Tenant Rating Bureau or Deadbeat Database”“. Or it could also mean that you are ready to use The LPA site to “prepare a delinquency report” to the major credit bureaus. I have achieved outstanding results by advising new tenants not to pay late because it can affect their credit rating. I inform them that they may not qualify for a car loan or mortgage in the future if they are not careful about their rent payment. I warn, “PLEASE DON’T RENT FROM ME if you think you will have trouble paying the rent on time. You seem like such a nice couple. I’d truly HATE to ruin your credit and damage your financial future”. By the way, The LPA has a free members only tenant credit reporting feature that may help you collect delinquent rents. 
  3. Enforce your lease with “Essential Landlord Forms” that will support your lease. When a tenant gets out of line, correct the situation with a professional form. Nip the problem in the bud before a small problem becomes a disaster. If you do not send a late notice as soon as the rent is late, the tenant will continue to be late. If you are inconsistent with sending the late notice, the rent may consistently be late. Have you ever heard the old adage “Familiarity breeds contempt” ? Well, when a tenant becomes comfortable enough to think the landlord is a friend, he often loses the professional respect he may have once had. So, enforcing the lease with professional forms is the way to go. 
  4. Enforce penalties such as late fees. Using a professional form is great, but it has to pack a punch to get the results you want. Don’t be afraid to hit a tenant with the late charge whenever the rent is late. I’ve had tenants tell me they were late just to see if the late fee would be enforced! Use a “Late Charge Due Notice” or an “Urgent Late Notice” to collect rent and late fees before too much time passes by. 
  5. Allowing an Early Payment Discount is another effective tactic to get the rent paid on time or early. Everyone wants to save money. And that money adds up over the year, so make sure the tenants know about it. If you didn’t use the clause in your lease, you can always send them the “Early Payment Discount Voucher” found in Essential Forms. 
  6. Routine Inspections aren’t always as important as the expectation of routine interior inspections. When the tenant is expecting an inspection of the premises by the landlord or manager, the property is usually kept ready to pass the inspection. Many landlords will inspect on regular intervals prearranged with the tenant. Others will do surprise inspections, and some just emphasize that they will be doing inspections, but just don’t get around to it. Even if you can’t get around to it, it may be a good idea to send the tenant a note from time to time to tell them of an upcoming inspection. The main thing is that your property is cared for properly.
    Keeping good tenants good or better is an ongoing process that we as landlords continue to improve with experience. It all starts with understanding and agreeing with each other. After that, it’s just a matter of professional communication.


Article Reference can be found here


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Too Busy? Take Some Time Off And Rediscover Serenity…

Spend 3 minutes meditating every day

Meditation doesn’t have to be incredibly deep to be effective. Find a nice peaceful place,sit on the ground, close your eyes, and just ‘be’. Don’t think about work,don’t think about money—don’t think about anything but the here and now. If you can do this once every day, you will be amazed at the difference that it can make.

Keep things in perspective

Getting insulted by your boss can be very hurtful and discouraging, but keeping things in perspective can help to neutralize feelings of anger or resentment—both of which contribute to a life of anxiety and negativity. If your boss is a jerk to you, try to think about his life and why he might be acting the way he is.Maybe he hates is job, or maybe he had a fight with his wife this morning.Maybe he doesn’t know how to cope very well and just takes it out on others instead of dealing with it in a more positive way.

This doesn’t justify his negative actions, of course… but it can help you to deal with it in a more positive way.

Sit down and clear your mind

When you get the chance, try to sit down for a few minutes and just ‘unwind’ from the stresses of your day. If you hurry and rush along from point A to point B, you might start to get overwhelmed and not even realize it. At least once every few hours you should try to sit down, take a deep breath, and let your mind recover before you move onto the next thing. This is different from meditating in the sense that you should try to do it at least once per hour. It can take as little as 30 seconds for it to be effective.

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NAR 2014 Homebuyer and Seller Generational Trends Study

According to a recent National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) study, Generation Y (born 1980-1995) — sometimes called Millennials or Generation Next — make up the largest share of homebuyers (31%) in the U.S. They also make up the smallest number of home sellers (12%). Generation X (born 1965-1979) is the second-largest group of homebuyers (30%) and the largest group of home sellers (29%).

The NAR report breaks down the large Baby Boom Generation into two groups. Those born 1955-1964 accounted for 16% of home purchases, while those born 1946-1954 were responsible for 14% of home purchases. The Silent Generation (born 1925-1945) bought the remaining 9% of homes.

Reasons the Silent Generation purchased homes included caring for aging parents (27%), children moving back home (23%) and the desire to reduce expenses (21%). Boomers had similar reasons: Children moving back home (38%), desire to reduce expenses (18%) and caring for aging parents (15%).

Reasons Gen X purchased a home included the need for a larger home or job relocation. The primary reason for Gen Y was the desire to own a home.

Gen Y buyers anticipate living in their home for the shortest period of time (10 years), followed by Gen X (15 years). Both groups of Boomers plan on residing in their new home for 20 years.

Gen X was the most likely group to have delayed selling a home because it was worth less than the mortgage (19%), followed by Gen Y (17%) and Boomers born 1955-1964 (10%).

The reasons for selling a home were the same for both Boomers born 1946-1954 and the Silent Generation: wanting to move closer to friends and family, home is too large, and retirement. For Boomers born 1955-1964, the most common reasons for selling were job relocation or the home was too large.

The most common reason Gen Y and Gen X were selling a home was due to job relocation or the home was too small.


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Another Home Sold! #ShortSale

50 Normandy Road

Another Home Sold! 50 Normandy Road, Yonkers NY 10710

Congratulations to the new home owners the Rodriguez Family!

We finally made it and closed the short sale!

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