September 9, 2014 rummy 0Comment

Stop Pleasing Others

Let’s be honest—following good advice is one thing, but living in fear of judgment and making choices that are not truly choices that you want to make is going to waste time and waste life.

Here are 3 good reasons not to allow yourself to fall into this mentality.

1… Because Life Is Far Too Short To Spend Worrying About What Other People Think

Why would you forsake your happiness to meet other people’s standards when you don’t even agree with what their standards are?


2… Because Most People Judge Everyone, Regardless Of How Good Their Choices Are

I almost hate to say it, but most people are going to judge you and say negative things about you regardless of what you choose. If you are rich, you will be a rich snob. If you are poor, you will be ‘trash’. If you try to have good morals, you will be ‘stuck up’. Don’t let other people dictate who you are just because of the fact that they might judge you for it, because odds are good that they are going to do it regardless of what you do.


3… Because Being Yourself Will Make You The Happiest

There is really no substitute for being yourself. It might not be easy to stop listening to naysayers, but the rewards in the end are more than worth the effort.

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