November 27, 2018 rummy

On this episode of eXpand to the cloud Podcast, join hosts Rummy Dhanoa and David Upchurch as they interview Solomon Yasin – an award winning realtor with over six years of experience in the field who also made the switch to eXp Realty. Let’s learn his awesome story and find out why a successful entity in the industry would want to join eXp Realty and how it could help them. Ready to learn more? Rummy Dhanoa 914.920.2289 David Upchurch 704-994-8656

November 20, 2018 rummy

Join us as we interview Kavita Soman to find out how she started her career, and what made her join eXp Realty, and how it has improved her career and way of life. Hosted by Rummy Dhanoa and David Upchurch. Rummy Dhanoa 914.920.2289 David Upchurch 704-207-0477

October 11, 2018 rummy

Hosted by Rummy Dhanoa and David Upchurch. Today’s eXpand to the Cloud episode talks about the future of the real estate industry. No more brick and mortar office setups, no more running to your desk to input your work details. Everything is available to you anytime anywhere. With training and support is just a click away any time of the day. For this episode, our special guest Jose Arroyo talks about how easy it is for a Non-tech savvy people to use eXp Realty tools.

October 10, 2018 rummy

Welcome to expand to the cloud brokerage podcast. Where we’ll talk about why teams, agents, mega agents, and independent brokerages are making the switch to eXp Realty. We’ll share best practices, personal experiences and testimonials as to why and how more and more industry veterans and newbies alike are joining eXp Realty. In this episode, Rummy Dhanoa invited David Upchurch of David Upchurch Realty to share his career journey. How he started his real estate career and why he decided to move his company to eXp Realty.