July 27, 2018 rummy

  Congratulations, Tiffany West! Another home sold! We would like to express our gratitude to our sellers for trusting our service. Keep the sales coming! If you’re thinking about selling. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 914.920.2299 www.nyreex.com

July 24, 2018 rummy

  “A new home is a haven for love, memories, and happiness.” Congratulations to our clients and thank you for trusting our service in finding your dream home. Great job to Kavita for another closing! If you are looking for a property or want to sell your home give us a call at 914.920.2299 or check our website www.nyreex.com   www.NYREEX.com

July 13, 2018 rummy

Another commercial property sold by NYREEX. Great job team! We are grateful to all our clients for their trust and support. We promise to deliver exceptional service. If you have any homes or properties to sell give us a call at 914.920.2299 and check our website www.nyreex.com   www.NYREEX.com