November 12, 2011 rummy 0Comment

Why the End of Year Are A Best Time To Sell Your Home!

If your serious about selling Or Buyers a home “don’t wait until after the holidays.”


Well because I am convinced that if someone is really motivated, then they have to follow the laws of simple economics:  Supply and Demand.

“I am going to wait to put my home on the market after the holidays.”  Seems like the most logical thing to do, but people don’t realize this is a great time to sell your home!  Price is supply and demand driven.  And when supply drops, demand goes up.  You say, “In the summer time there are more home buyers.”  And you are correct – there are more home buyers.  But there are also more home sellers!  And I am here to tell you that the serious seller supply drops more than the serious buyer demand giving home sellers a slight advantage along with a few other perks.

One perk of selling your home during the holidays is less showings.  Fewer people looking to make good use of a nice day to go “kick tires” and waste a lot of people’s time because “they might move.”  The fact that people are focused on holiday and family issues helps keep the number of “casual” lookers down significantly.  This certainly makes your life easier when you want to sell your home.

Another perk, related to the first one, is that holiday season buyers are serious buyers!  Home buyers who drive around during the holidays want to find something and CLOSE on it before Thanksgiving, Christmas, or before school starts back up.  Just as you don’t want a non-serious buyer walking through your home right before Christmas, holiday buyers tend to target what they want and get right down to business.

So it’s smart to think about the benefits of selling your home at this time of year.  Higher relative demand and lower relative supply tends to firm up the pricing for you, the seller.  Your home is more visible in a reduced supply market.  And the buyers looking for you are much more serious!

Have a happy holiday season and, if you are thinking of selling, remember, it’s not too late to make your home someone’s holiday surprise!

Rummy Dhanoa