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Everyone is bound to retire at some point, and everyone wants to spend their retirement days comfortably and securely. What most don’t know is that investing a portion of one’s retirement fund to real estate will provide more yield and let one get the most out of the fruit of their life’s work.

Ultimately, the goal of most individuals when they retire is to live a comfortable lifestyle while drawing from their retirement accounts. This is where the self-directed retirement account comes into play. This retirement vehicle allows accountholders the ability to own investment real estate within their retirement account. Instead of selecting bonds or annuities, which have long been the traditional investment of choice by most retirees, investment real estate often provides a higher annual yield and more flexibility for the accountholder.

For example, let’s suppose you are 60, ready to retire, and your retirement account is worth around $500,000. Let’s also assume your self-directed retirement account purchases three investment rental properties totaling $450,000. The rental income minus expenses equals $31,500 (a 7% return) each year. Keep in mind, this is the net cash flow back into the retirement account and does not include any property appreciation. So, in this scenario, you have $50,000 in cash within your retirement account for easy liquidity should a personal need arise, $450,000 worth of real estate, and $31,500 of rental income being generated each year.

Under this scenario, provided the properties remained occupied with no major property expenses, you could draw $31,500 per year from the account in perpetuity without reducing the value of your retirement account. Down the line, you may want to liquidate an investment property to give you the ability to take more money out per year, which will then begin to actually deplete the value of the account.

Owning real estate within your self-directed retirement account allows you to preserve your retirement income, and gives you the flexibility to control how you retire.

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