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With the pressures of being a mom, dad, wife, husband, employee, taxi service, care giver and all the other things we do in life, it’s hard to take a moment to enjoy a little peace, quiet and happiness. 


Many of us look for big, monumental occasions to give us meaning, to provide us with happiness. It’s the birthday celebrations, the anniversary parties, the big holiday to-dos that we look forward to where we can finally say: “I’m happy”. In the end, though, those a just events and once the lights go down and the party is over, it’s time to get back to living life doing what we do each and every day. 

The good news is that there are small moments that happen in our every day lives that can bring us happiness and either put a smile on our faces or a little lightness in our heart. Sometimes we don’t see them. So, to help all of us recognize when the great “small” things happen in our lives that can bring us some happiness, joy and satisfaction, we’ve decided to provide a list of the little things.

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Here’s a big list of the little things in life we can enjoy:


1.     You wake up before your morning alarm goes off and you can still get more sleep.

2.     You give Mother Nature the slip and get inside or in your car just before it starts raining.

3.     Someone holds the door open for you for what appears to be an awkwardly long time, just so you don’t have to open it.

4.     The person in front of you in the drive thru pays for your order.

5.     You fast-forward through your recording to miss the commercials and you stop just as the next part of your show starts.

6.     You get an unexpected compliment from someone –even a stranger.

7.     Someone re-Tweets or forwards what you post on Facebook unexpectedly.

8.     You’re just sitting there in your chair and you realize that things are great just the way they are.

9.     Finding money that you forgot you had in a coat you haven’t worn for a while.

10.  Hitting the timing perfectly on a bag of popcorn

11.  Popping bubble wrap.

12.  The elevator arrives just as you push the button.

13.  Ordering coffee and hot chocolate at the right temperature.

14.  Your cell phone staying charged long enough for you to finish your conversation.

15.  Getting in your car and seeing that you had more gas than you remembered.

16.  Your favorite song coming on the radio just as you’re thinking about it.

17.  Seeing trees turn green as the weather gets warmer.

18.  Peeling the perfect hard boiled egg.

19.  Bed linens that just came out of the dryer.

20.  Taking a long shower or bath without being interrupted.


There are lots of little things in life that can make us happy. We just have to look for them.

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