July 21, 2014 rummy 0Comment

#1 – Failure is just another step toward success
Don’t take failure too seriously. Instead, learn from it and adapt to increase your odds of succeeding next time.

#2 – Be thankful for the experience
Getting knocked down earns you valuable experience that you can use to make yourself basdetter at what you do. This experience is actually worth more than gold,because it teaches you what does and doesn’t work. Don’t look at failure in a negative light. Instead, look at it as a learning experience.

#3 – The fact that you care enough about your own success to read motivational articles says that your odds of winning are better than your odds of losing
If you care enough about your destiny to motivate yourself with some extracurricular media,then there is a good chance that your head is on the right way. Don’t worry…you will succeed, even if it takes awhile!

#4 – Failure and discouragement are temporary and isolated occurrences—but success is forever
Try not to get too wound up in the bad things that are happening right now, because they are short term problems. Success, on the other hand, is long term. It is worth the trouble, so never allow yourself to think anything else!

#5 – Your destiny is in your own hands
When you really think about it, knowing that success is a choice is an amazing thing. If you had a choice, would you rather choose to succeed at what you love or to settle for what you don’t? Well, believe it or not, that choice is yours to make!Choosing not to cave in to frustration will go a long way toward steering you even closer to your goals.