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Summertime Showing Tips for Home Sellers

As we go further into the increasingly hotter days of summer, your prospective home buyers will be looking closely at patios, decks, landscaping, air conditioning, and in some cases, pools. So if your home is on the market, you’ll want to make sure your house is in top order and summer-friendly.

While a large number of homes sell during March, April and May, June and the summer months run a close second. In fact, June is traditionally a busy month because many families want to get moved during their children’s summer vacations and get them situated before the new school year begins.

The good news right now is that the combination of interest rates and the lower price of sales prices makes this a super time to sell.

Here are some tips for you to take into consideration while selling your home at this time of the year:

Curb appeal. With sunny days, everything will be on display. Your shrubs and perennials will be in full bloom and your trees will be fully green. Be sure your lawn is mowed and is lush and green. Plant a few annuals to provide an instant burst of color. Make sure your door area is clear from bicycles and toys.

Air conditioning. Try to have your system inspected and working before you put your house on the market. Also, be sure you turn it on during those days that you’re away at work and potential buyers will be looking at your house. A hot, stuffy house on a 90-degree day could be a deal killer.

Back yard. Buyers will be paying extra attention to the back yard while house hunting during the summer months. They’ll be envisioning an area for barbecues and space for children to play. If you’re selling your house in a neighborhood with a lot of young children, set up a swing set or place a sandbox in back. Make the back yard look as child-friendly as possible so potential buyers can envision what the space will look like for their own children.

Patio. Ensure your patio area is inviting and attractive. Clean your patio furniture and arrange it keeping the views from indoors in mind. Spruce up the area with a few container plantings.

Back yard landscaping. If you have lawn area in your back yard, make sure it is mowed and healthy. Keep shrubs and plants pruned and tidy. Put out some fresh mulch or stone where necessary accentuate your landscaping.

Windows. Make sure your windows are sparkling clean, especially if you live in a sunny region that doesn’t get much summer rain.

Walls. If you’re thinking about touching up the paint on your walls before you put your home on the market, keep the colors neutral and light.

Let there be light. Open blinds and curtains so plenty of light illuminates the home’s interior.

Pool. If you have a pool or spa, make sure they are clean. If you have a fence, make sure locks and latches are working properly.

As always with any other time of year, get rid of the clutter throughout your house.

If possible, it might not hurt to leave a large pitcher of lemonade with a stack of glasses on the kitchen counter during an open house or when you expect multiple showings on a weekend. Nice treat for buyers when you’re not there.

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