August 25, 2014 rummy 0Comment

How can you be a more positive person?

Being a positive person doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, it is sometimes very difficult to do… but it is completely worth it! Here are some quick tips that can help to eliminate negativity and highlight positive thinking.


1… Stop talking badly about people

Talking badly about people is very negative. Even though they may never hear it, you will still be affected by it. It fills you with bad vibes and causes you to adopt a more ‘jaded’ view of people around you.

2… Don’t be judgmental

Everyone is different, but that does not mean that you are better or worse than someone else. Judging people for being different from you in a negative light is very bad for your overall state of well-being. We should try to accept those around us and strive to treat them as well as we can.

3… Smile often

It is often forgotten that a smile can make a huge difference. It can brighten someone’s day, cheer them up, encourage them, and uplift them… but it also does wonders for the person wearing it. Smiling conveys positivity, peacefulness, and the fact that you value the person whom you are smiling at.

At the end of the day, being positive is a choice… but it is a healthy choice that might be even better for you than it is for anyone else!


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