May 7, 2013 rummy 0Comment

1. “We can have my wife sign the lease. Her credit is OK.”

2. “Why do you need our credit reports? That doesn’t tell you what good people we are.”

3. “We’re moving because our landlord is a jerk.”

4. “You won’t need a security deposit with us. We’ll take good care of your home.”

5. “I’m an attorney and more than qualified to rent your house. By the way, I found 3 illegal questions in your rental application.”

6. “Wait till you see the place when we’re done with it. You won’t recognize it.”

7. “What is your policy concerning drugs?”

8. “Are utilities included? I had a little dispute with the electric company.”

9. “Do you declare your rental income on your taxes?”

10. “Would you mind giving me the key so we can just put a few boxes in there today? I’ll have the money next week and we can sign the lease then.”