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There’s a new breed of real estate professionals brewing up with eXp Realty. Hungrier, driven, eager and more motivated than any group of young generation of realtors we’ve ever seen before. We have Gianni Castillo , 23 years of age, already have a bit of experience with real estate in search for more mentoring and empowerment. We also have Brandon Henriquez who is 19 years old, he felt like he was not given proper training or equipped with enough knowledge to be in the field by his former broker. And last but not the least, we have Jared Di Lalla, also 19 years of age, very eager and willing to earn, he wants to jump into real estate early and have an edge by learning from the best experts right from the get-go. Let’s hear about their story, what has driven them to start this early, what made them decided that eXp realty is the best choice for them, and what particular tool, feature or benefit attracted them to eXp Realty.

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