December 20, 2012 rummy 0Comment

Why You Shouldn’t Give Presents to Tenants
Give a Holiday Gift Voucher Instead

I know lots of landlords who like to deliver a turkey, a bottle or cookies for the Holidays to their tenants. It’s a nice gesture. I’ve done it too, but please don’t get me wrong. I learned a long time ago that it is not a good idea to get in the habit of giving gifts to tenants.
Many of you know what I mean. Tenants normally think they deserve the gifts you give them. Then they expect them each year. What if you don’t give a gift to your tenant after you gave him something the previous year? There may be hard feelings on the tenant’s part. After all, they feel it is their hard earned rent money that you are using to buy their gift along with all the other comforts you enjoy in life.

So, if you must reward your tenant for paying the rent as agreed, why not make it worth your while too? Let the tenant earn your gift by paying the rent early.

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